On the way to Lagos

On the way to Lagos

11 april 2016

On the way to Lagos

Early in the morning we left for Faro. We would like to see more of the Algarve before we depart for the Mediterranean in June. Under Faro is a kind of tidal area and the border river between Spain and Portugal seems to be wonderful. In the autumnbreak with the girls, the Southern wind was too strong to sail. And during the Christmas break we only sailed to Portimao and back. Which was, by the way, a wonderful sailing trip!

We will not be sailing in May with Mila and Merel either, because Merel had her final exams, so she needs to study. So Herco and I are going together. The girls stay at home with my mother to keep them accompanied.

Missed the train

The airplane was a little delayed, which made us miss our train by just one minute. The next will leave two hours later. The train is a cheap option to go from Faro to Lagos. A train ticket is € 7.30. The taxi from the airport to the train station is €11. In October, December and February we rented a car. That cost €160 a week, including insurance. But it also gives you a chance to see more of the surroundings.

Do the Portugese like dogs or do they not?

It is funny how different the Portugese view dogs. Teunje stays quietly in his bag, but when the taxi driver sees him, he starts talking loudly in Portuguese. Against himself, it seems. While he was talking English just before?? He immediately adds a supplement to the counter. So no tip for this guy.


But if we arrive in the centre a little later and look for a covered terrace to get some food and drinks, we are kindly welcomed in Faaros. It’s raining quite hard outside. Even while Teun is not in his bag, he is allowed inside. Of course we put him back in his bag and we have breakfast for the third time today. It is so nice that it’s so affordable around here. Two big fresh orange juices, a warm sandwich with tuna salad and a fried egg for 15 euros. At the airport, a coffee with a little sandwich at Starbucks cost us more.


Teuntje gets to go in the train for free if he stays in his little bag. But we also see another traveler with a German Upright. Which has a muzzle. That’s obligated in the train, we once read. But anyhow, he is allowed in. So that is not so bad.

Weather forecast

Unfortunately, the forecast for the next two weeks does not look very favorable. For weeks, the wind has been coming from the north. But unfortunately they are now predicting (quite hard) Southwestern wind. With a moderate temperature of 16 to 17 degrees and lots of rain.


Southwestern winds means higher waves from the Atlantic Ocean. Almost all the port entrances in the Algarve are open to the south. We also saw a lot of white foam around the entrance of the Wadden Sea area under Faro from the plane. Mmmm, that’s a pity!